VECTOR X ATTACKER Football - Size: 5 (Pack of 1) - White-Blue-Red

Product details

Highlights :

  • Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Weight – 400 – 450 gms
  • Circumference – 69.00 – 70.00 CM
  • Primary Color - White-Blue-Red
  • Diameter - 23 cm
  • Material - Rubber
  • Country of origin - INDIA


Brand Description

With the growing demand of good health and fitness, Vector X comes up with innovations each day. Whether it’s hard core fitness or trying your hands on your favorite sport, we are there for you. We have taken upon ourselves to make sure you are always young and fit. 

We are the ones who are geared to go on and on, one with the winning spirit and one that wants to make history. A part of Soccer International Pvt ltd , a renowned sports good manufacturer with a reputation par excellence which has been exporting to different parts of the world, we entered India in 1999 under the brand name Vector X. With a nationwide presence through a strong dealer network, we are dedicated towards promoting sports in India. 

We are strong believers in the tenet – Everything is Possible and this mantra lends itself to the creation of revolutionary sports equipment for the sporting fraternity in India. Amongst a plethora of sports equipment being manufactured for various sports are football, shoes, basketball, volleyball, racket sports, table tennis, swimming, accessories, fitness, bags, cricket bats and grips, skates and so on.

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