Vector X Orion TPU Machine Stitched Football | Training | Match | Sports | Playing | Practice | Indoor & Outdoor Ball | Durable & Water-Resistant Football for Practice | Multi Color |

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  • Diameter : 68cm
  • It has winding bladder for shape retention and also for training level playing
  • Soft Cushion Cover
  • Weight : 420-425gm
  • Bounce and speed depends on Ball Pressure
  • Colour: White-Red-Black
  •  ‎Machine Stiched Football 
  • Soft Cushion Cover : The outer layer has a soft cushion cover which is gentle on your feet. It lets you train bare feet and minimizes impact for better performance. The cushion helps you play in indoor stadiums as well with ease.
  • High-Quality TPU Material : The football is made of TPU material which does not absorb water. It does not become heavy or tear easily in harsh conditions. The material has strong tensile strength and elasticity and is extremely durable.

  • Perfect Weight and Size: The football features a perfect weight and size. It weighs about 420 g and the diameter of it is 68 cms which makes it perfect for training. The ball has a precise projectile and consistency all around.

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